Founder Case Study – Roshan: How I used Paperound Student Taskers to get more done

A case study on how busy founder & health coach, Roshan tapped into a useful extra pair of hands using

Kick-starting a business

Roshan is a Certified Nutrition coach, Personal Trainer and Mobility coach. His coaching work focuses on helping others regain their mental and physical health through acquiring various skills and practices. Previously he developed a decade long career in finance.

"Good health benefits you and the people around you too. It's not selfish, it's smart."

Challenges as a Founder

After a decade in finance, Roshan is now pursuing – aimed at helping businesses perform better by supporting the health and wellbeing of organisations most prized asset, its people.

Being a Coach and Founder of a business, he quickly realised the pressure of time to not only focus on the each and every client but also to focus more intently on the role of business development.

“Ideally, I try to have 4-5 hours of coaching a day with clients, and the rest is business development. Sort of a 6 day week!”

He highlighted his time being divided as 60% client time and 40% business development. While pleased with the majority being with clients he recognised this was limiting the overall business growth.

Roshan described that on his typical to-do list, the tasks that soaked-up his time were things such as the creation of social media posts, editing podcasts, networking calls and more administrative tasks such as accounting / finance admin – it was the aspects of the business he didn’t particularly enjoy doing (even as a chartered accountant!)!

If these could be outsourced to someone, it’d free-up his time for his clients or more strategic business development.

An extra pair of hands

Roshan comments that most start-up business owners know they need an extra pair of hands to delegate tasks to but can’t afford a full time employee or talk themselves out of it due to the associated “hand-over” time.

However, he knew that he not only needed to find a resource solution that didn’t break the bank but realised he needed a trustworthy individual that could work ad-hoc hours.

“I needed a practical solution – literally an extra pair of hands who could hit the ground running for a few hours a week”

At this time Roshan looked for various solutions including resource platforms such as Fiverr but found them too restrictive in terms of hiring an extra pair of hands. He was looking for a more fluid solution that would be at his price point and could deliver on the daily tasks needed.

This is when he heard about from a networking event. The big sell for Roshan was the fact he could book someone easily without having to provide a very specific delivery requirement, for an hour or more at a price point that was extremely cost-effective.

Proof is in the pudding

Roshan found it easy to book a student (Paperound Tasker) with the relevant skillset for the hours he needed.

His initial brief was simple. He wanted to ensure his social media feed looked more professional and have some templated designs he could leverage moving forwards. Ultimately, he wanted to know if social media would help drive his business development.

Roshan choose Mafalda to undertake the task, who quickly gained his trust as he gave her access to his social accounts. Plus, quickly felt reassured that she was aligned to his values and mission of the business, which ensured posts were positioned in the right way.

“My tasker was great – she adjusted to how I wanted to work, it was really convenient. Her work has definitely led me to look more professional on social media, especially Instagram.”

Alongside saving Roshan time, it gave further room to experiment as Mafalda provided further content ideas to support the business development. Ultimately, the time saving allowed Roshan to concentrate on the rest of the business and, importantly, gave him breathing space.

“The tasks Mafalda did for me would have taken me ages. She saved me at least 3 hours a week and I was only booking her for only two!”

Reflections on Paperound

Roshan was extremely positive about Taskers on Paperound and highlighted that he’s already been thinking about the possibility of briefing another student on accounting / finance admin tasks that he still has on his plate…and more.

Plus, recommending Paperound to other small businesses.

“I like the overall business concept. There is some amazing student talent out there who need real work experience as much as I need support. It’s a great combination!”

“It’s a good platform to easily take tasks off your plate. It’s saved me time and progressed my business. It’s been a good experience.”

We founded Paperound to help founders like Roshan achieve more with their business. If you need to access student resource to #getmoredone, browse and book a Paperound Tasker here.